The water brings warmth, especially in the spring and summer, but even the best places can produce a lot of rain before the sunshine. After a beautiful rain shower there is a glimmer over the water that sparkles almost brighter than the sunniest of days.

But the Question of the day still remains: We have our whole family on this long vacation; small kids included that are relentlessly restless for some beach action. What do we do?

The Gulfarium

This fun attraction is a great place to be to enjoy a piece of the ocean life the way the locals do everyday. There is an array of encounters you and the family can indulge in. Discovering Turtles is a family favorite. Did you know that they have an excellent sense of direction? Sea turtles can detect the Earth’s Magnetic field and use it as a compass. Yeah most of us either until going to this informative marine life exhibit.

The Gulfarium is located in the charming area of Fort Walton Beach that host this family-friendly adventure park that loves to educate visitors on sea life, conservation and just plain fun with the kids.


Destin Commons is home to some of the majorly chic malls and local boutiques . It has around 90 diverse and endless hips and resturants for your budget-friendly needs and high-end desires. If the kids get tired of lugging around mom on her shopping spree, they can just skurry on over toe the AMC theare that is a state-of-the-art moviegoing kind of experience with your choice of IMAX screen, RealD #D and much more. Rainy days are a perfect time to settle in on a movie that brings the whole family to tears; take that as you will with a comedy or a sappy romantic.

Escape Zone 60

Want a little bit of a mind challenge for you and your family. Destin has a few escape rooms that encompass “real life” experiences. Destin’s Escape rooms have situations where you can solve a crime scene, scope out a UFO landing, or conquer an apolcalypse,. It is the best place to get the family together and truly connect under a 60 minute challenge with clues, hints and anything you find that guide you to your escape.