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About Us

Baldock Family

Meet Nick and Louisa

Want to know more about the dynamic duo behind Solely Beachfront? How we got started? Nick graduated from Niceville High School and has lived in the area since 2000 and Louisa is from Nashville, Tennessee. After a long courtship during their time at Auburn University (WAR EAGLE!), They got married and decided to move to the beach. After the move, Louisa began working as a graphic designer, which soon led her to a position as a graphic designer for a property management company. She flourished in this position and eventually grew to be the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a larger Vacation Rental Company.

Meet Nick and Louisa

At the same time, they started their family and with the birth of their oldest daughter, Sloan. Around the time of her birth, Louisa’s family made the investment in their first condo and Nick began to take over the rentals for that property as a side business. Combining Louisa’s existing knowledge of vacation rentals with Nick’s rigorous work ethic and new found passion for the industry, they acquired a second condo and had an even higher return on investment. As their family grew, it became apparent that Louisa wanted to leave her previous company to work permanently with her spouse and grow their own unique vacation rental business.

Who We Are...

Outside of our love for our business, Nick is an avid outdoorsman with a deep passion for the Emerald Coast and Louisa is his creative and vivacious counterpart with a love for the arts. Together and with our family, we love to travel ourselves (in the off season of course!) We call them our “family adventures” and love having our young children experience different cultures and landscapes in the US and abroad.

We would love to hear from fellow wanderlusters where they enjoy traveling. Naturally this love for travel has made us even more passionate to bring fantastic vacations to our guests as we know the anticipation and excitement that comes with traveling to somewhere new, or going to relax at a place you call your home away from home.

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