We have all experienced such a unique past year that has certainly pulled us into a peculiar experience both in our home life and weather based. Already going into the month of May, we’ve experienced high so high, you have to reevaluate the sweater and boots you put on  earlier that morning with the fresh, dewed chill. But then the sun starts to go down, the northern winds blow in making it seem like you should be drinking hot cocoa by the fireplace. Especially with what just hit us and the majority of the country! The good news is that us here on the Emerald Coast has had a full recovery and our little fishing village is ready to serve up some beautiful sun and some typical, spring rainfall.

So we thought we would share with you some of our favourite hiking/outdoor spots! (We absolutely recommend the app “All Trails”: which is really handy for finding new spots with photos & reviews)

In Destin, FL, we have the Henderson Beach Nature Trail.

If you are willing to travel a bit further into Niceville, we have the 2 mile trail called Turkey Creek Nature trail. This is perfect for all skill types and has a beautiful river view.  One of the gorgeous pieces of this particular state park are the line of sand dunes; home of the the most unique ecosystems. Typically it isn’t okay to walk on the dunes, but this area allows you to explore the dunes and see creatures and plants in their natural habitat. In all, this area has some of the most natural and interesting scrubs and trees.


A personal favourite is the Blackwater River State Park Trails which offers the best scenic and secluded forests, wetlands and creeks. It is a beautiful drive through tons of trees like the Pinus Echinata that overcast during your leading to the entrance of the Park.  The Entry way fee is, as of now, are $4 or an annual pass of . There is an amazing choose of campsites, more than 50, that allow tents, campers and RVs including water, electricity, a grill and picnic table prices from $16 to $42. There is the Chain of Lakes Nature trail which is a 1.75-mile loop trail starts off the trails. You can go bird-sighting, spot an endangered panhandle lily, or just simply sight-seeing.