Below is a list of beach necessities your family may want to take into consideration in packing for your vacation. These are some of our families favorites!

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1)BabyBeachTent | 2)BeachBagCooler | 3)BeachWagon | 4)BeachBlanket | 5)Goggles| 6)BackpackChair| 7)Brumate | 8)GoPod | 9)BabyTentPool

  1.  This tent is great for keeping your babies out of the sun, and away from bugs. It sets itself up, and comes with two tent pegs to secure it in the sand or ground around it. The tent is made with UV protective fabric and a super lightweight mesh making it breathable and easily portable. 
  2. The beach bag cooler has been a game charger for our family. It has many pockets on the outside for cell phones, sunglasses, etc, and then a detachable compartment on the bottom that keeps cold foods protected and cool throughout your day at the beach. This bag has a large surface area with a mesh top making it easy to take to the beach and throw sand toys in. 
  3. This beach wagon is helpful to families who want to bring each of these necessities to the beach in one trip. With heavy traffic on roads near the beach, this wagon assists in packing all of the heavy water bottles, towels, and beach toys into one area. It is also easy to roll through the sand, and easy to clean out after a long day at the beach. 
  4. This beach blanket has come in handy with many kids running around in and out of the water all day. They can run on over and get the blanket wet and sany, but it dries quickly and is sand proof allowing the sand to just run right off it. It can be staked down in each corner, making it comfortable to lay out on even in the wind. 
  5. Goggles are always a smart thing to have when coming to the beach with kids. The salt water to the eyes is not always ideal and these are some of our favorite kid goggle brands. These goggles are very durable and last much longer than dollar store goggles. 
  6. A backpack chair is an item that is made to make your load lighter. It is nice when walking to the beach from anywhere and frees up your hands. Chairs on the beach are also very handy when you are looking to stay less sandy or just laying out and enjoying the sun. These chairs are lower to the ground allowing you to lay out more and put your legs in the warm sand.  
  7. A parent favorite has to be the amazing brumate. These helpful can holders will keep your drink cold from start to finish. It is a double wall, stainless steel koozie. It does not sweat, and it allows you to drink in style. It can be used for alcoholic beverages and some soda and energy drinks. 
  8. GoPod’s are helpful when it comes to babies on the go. It allows them to stand up without letting their feet touch any undesired surfaces. It also has holders for drinks and snacks. These are also adjustable and grow with the baby. 
  9. Much like the baby tent seen in (1) this tent protects your baby from the outside, while allowing them to stay cool in their own safe pool 

**Helpful Hack – baby powder is very useful in removing sand from all areas