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Laser Tag

Destin Laser Tag

Laser Tag is played in our huge, 4000 square feet maze. A maximum of 40 people can play at one time. Our basic setup is free-for-all, every person for themselves! As you step into the maze, unknown challenges lurk around every corner. Sector mines hunting you, and guards the strategic points.
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Thrill Laser Tag – Miramar Beach

Thrills has pulled out all the stops when it comes to upending your expectations of typical laser tag, crafting a premiere competitive action playground. Want to see for yourself? Strap in, step into our “Temple of Doom,” and prepare to be stunned by structures and glyphs that will WOW tomb raiders of all types. With points to score and game formats galore, the “Temple of Doom” is a monument to thrilling good times.

*Note: Must be 6 years or older to play
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