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About Our Program

Chances are, if you are reading this then there is a seed of doubt planted in you head about your current management company. Are they not meeting your revenue expectations? Did you arrive to a poorly maintained unit? We’ve been there, which is why we decided to break the mold and start a company of hand selected, beachfront inventory and raise standards across the board for vacation rentals in the panhandle. So let’s talk about what you might be looking for…

Spotless Housekeeping – We like to hire our own cleaning staff to maintain better quality control on our units. The same individual will clean you home upon each turn to ensure efficiency and consistency. If there are any special requests we are happy to accommodate those as well. We offer 600 thread count sheets because we ourselves are sheet snobs and hate the fact that you have spent a hefty investment on your vacation home and have to sleep on sandpaper sheets. Not with us! We also offer guests with essentials such as: salt, pepper, creole seasoning, olive oil, laundry detergent, dish detergent and select toiletries.

Top-Tier Maintenance – The beauty of us being small, is that we can put more attention on properly maintaining your home than a larger company can. Upon signing with is, we will do a thorough initial home inspection and keep in constant communication with owners on the items we are working on. If you have someone that assists in maintaining you home, then we will be happy to work with them, or have one of our technicians assist with items for $45/hour.

Revenue – If you are renting your house out, chances are you purchased it for an investment and you want to ensure that it is bringing in the most amount of money possible? Are we right? Just about every company is going to boast that they will increase your revenue with words like individualized marketing, and that they will put your property on one million renting websites. Of course, we do that too, BUT. Here are some things that we know we do differently in order to convert bookings quicker.

  1. Promptness – Louisa has years of experience in Sales and Marketing for Vacation Rentals and stands by the fact that if you can respond within an hour of the initial inquiry, then you are 75% more likely to capture that guest. We are also not talking about an auto response system which is used by larger companies. We mean that they hear from a real person and get their questions answered as soon as the inquiry comes in. Most people shop at night and make the decision before they go to work the next day. We are the company that gets back to them first and make a lot of bookings before 8 AM! This allows us to book the guests further in advance and bring in more revenue.
  2.  Pricing – This is yet another obvious item, but instead of using 3rd party programs and a blanket rate system. We are CONSTANTLY keeping our own eyes on your property’s bookings and rates. The market is so competitive these days that we make it a point to look at reservations on a daily and weekly basis. This does not mean that we give away units for low prices, but it does mean that we are constantly looking at the competition and booking trends so we don’t miss out on potential revenue.
  3. Presentation – With an ever growing market, presenting your home in the best way possible is the key to standing out with potential renters. Think to your last vacation, did you book the first place you saw online, or did you shop around to find the best property for your group at the best price? 95% of travelers do the same thing so ensuring your unit will stand out among the rest is extremely important. The obvious thing is photos. Having high end, HDR photos that show your unit in the best possible way is key and worth the investment. We offer to pay for photos or an owner can elect to pay for them themselves if they feel they will need access to them for resale in the near future.

We are full for the third consecutive year from March-October in our units and it is because of our Promptness, Pricing and the Presentation of our units. We recently took on a home July 1st and were able to book the rest of the summer in 7 days! If you feel that your property is lacking in these areas, please fill out the form below and we will be happy to send you a first year rental protection for your unit.

Also to note:

  • We are covering the startup costs for anyone who joins our program in 2018. This includes
    • Photos
    • Linens
    • Kaba Lock
    • 3rd Party Marketing Sites
  • We use 600 thread count linens in our units, which is higher quality than any other management company on the panhandle.
  • We charge $35/hour for maintenance costs
  • You will have the same, highly trained housekeeper clean your unit for each turn to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • You will have our undivided attention and be able to reach Nick or Louisa 24/7 for any management needs. We are here for you.