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Terms and Conditions
Please read your vacation rental agreement carefully.

Payment Policies:

This lease shall commence at 4:00 PM on {reservations.startdate}
and shall terminate at 10:00 AM on {reservations.enddate}

Unless terminated at an earlier date in accordance with the provisions of this lease dealing with default. Early check-in may be available, only IF previously arranged with Solely Beachfront.

Rent: If the reservation is made outside of 60 days a deposit of 25% is due at time of booking and the remaining balance is due 60 days prior to arrival. We send reminders 70 days prior to arrival and 61 days prior to arrival then will charge the card on file. Guest is responsible of notifying Solely beachfront of any change in payment prior to 60 days before arrival. 

If the reservation is made within 60 days of arrival the full rental amount is due at the time of the reservation. 

All prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars, and all payments hereunder shall be paid to Solely Beachfront. Payment should be made by check or credit card from a U.S. bank. Payments must be paid no later than the stipulated due dates. If the balance is not paid within 10 days of the due date, all funds paid shall be forfeited.


Solely Beachfront
130 S. Geronimo Street Unit 2
Miramar Beach, FL 32550   

The initial deposit, together with a signed copy of the Rental Agreement, must be received by Solely Beachfront before confirmation of the reservation will be confirmed. Confirmation of the reservation will be mailed or emailed to Renter after receipt and deposit of the initial payment along with signed Rental Agreement. The reservation may be cancelled without further notice if timely payment of any amount due is not made by the due date for such payment.

Renter requirements
for legal and accounting purposes, the person placing the reservation must be the same as the credit/debit card holder. This person is considered to be the guest. All other persons involved with the rental are considered to be the guest's invitees, and all discussion regarding reservation, cancellation, and damage policies will be discussed with the guest, not the guest's invitees. 

The Renter will be provided with the code for the front door 7 days prior to arrival. This code will function throughout your stay. Renter will be charged for an additional day’s rental if the property is not vacated by the Check-Out time. Check in/check out times are firm unless previously discussed with owners and only available upon occupancy. Door Access code will stop working at 12pm on day of check-out.

Cleaning Fee, Renter’s Responsibilities on Check-Out: 
The Rental Property will be professionally cleaned upon the Renter’s departure which takes approximately 5 hours. By signing this lease, Renter agrees that if cleaning requires over 8 hours of work, renter will be charged $30 an hour for every hour of work over 8 hours.  

Renter is responsible for the following items at Check-Out Time:
  • Returning furniture to original locations;
  • Closing all doors and windows;
  • Turning off all lights;
  • Leaving all wet towels in the bathtub in the bathrooms;
  • Placing trash in garbage bags and placed in dumpster;

Accidental Damage Protection or a Refundable Damage Deposit:
$3,000 of property damage protection coverage is required at the time the final balance payment is made or a Cash or Check Refundable Damage Deposit of $3000 is required. The $79 Property Damage Protection paid for in a standard reservation or in the cleaning fee with an Airbnb reservation satisfies this coverage. Any prior problems or damage are to be reported within 12 hours of Check-In. Unreported problems or damage will be assumed to have occurred during Renters occupancy. 


Airbnb Damage Protection:

If you made your reservation through Airbnb, then Accidental Damage Protection is included in your reservation  cleaning fee and satisfies the damage protection requirement.

Notice of Repairs Needed:
If the Rental Property or any of the contents are damaged, not working or otherwise in need of repair or replacement, the Renter must promptly notify Solely Beachfront. Solely Beachfront will have a reasonable amount of time to make repairs. If the Renter must vacate the premises because of damage not resulting from the Renter’s act or neglect, the Renter will be refunded the rent for such period of time that the Renter is unable to occupy the Rental Property, prorated on a per diem basis commencing on the date that the Renter was forced to vacate time for the purpose of making needed repairs.and calculated to the date on which the Renter was able to re-occupy the Rental Property or the end of the Rental Period, whichever comes first. Solely Beachfront is not responsible for any inconvenience or interruption of services due to repairs, improvements, or any reason beyond the Owner’s control, and no refund will be given in this event. Renter understands and agrees that the Owner or Property Manager may enter the Rental Property at any time.

Occupancy Restrictions

Use and Guests:

Renter shall utilize the Rental Property solely for residential use and for no other purpose. No other persons shall occupy the Rental Property at any time, except those registered in this Rental Agreement. Occupancy of the Rental Property is limited to the maximum occupants listed for the unit.

HOA Restrictions:
Should there be a Homeowners's Association for property, the Renters are are obligated to withstand and uphold the rules dictated by the HOA. Solely is not liable for the changes in HOA rules as it pertains to the renter.

The Renter shall not make or permit any excessive, disturbing or annoying noise in or on the grounds of the Rental Property by himself, his family, agents, servants or visitors, nor permit such persons to do anything that will interfere with the rights, comforts, or conveniences of neighbors or other persons in the surrounding area

Barbecues, Grills:
A Grilling area with grills provided is the only area that may be used. Grilling in non designated area is a fire hazard and grounds for eviction for forfeiture of all monies paid.

Parking and Trailers:
Parking is advertised assuming each car to be the size of a standard sedan. If you plan on bringing large vehicles, please contact Solely to ensure they will fit. Solely is not liable for parking and parking issues and no refunds will be given for parking related discrepancies. Trailers, RV, boats, wave-runners and U-Hauls can only be brought if approved by Solely Beachfront 60 days prior to arrival. If a guest brings a trailer and Solely is unaware of it, it may be towed at the guest's expense. There are many complexes and HOAs that do not allow trailers, so do not plan on bringing one unless approved by Solely Beachfront. 

No pets of any sort are allowed in the Rental Property or on the premises at any time, including those belonging to visiting guests unless a property is listed as pet friendly (2 dogs under 30lbs). A pet friendly property requires an additional contract and a $199 pet fee. Violation of this term will result in immediate eviction and termination of this agreement at Solely Beachfront's sole option and forfeiture of all Rent and Renter’s security deposit. Service animals are allowed with written permission from Solely Beachfront. This permission must be applied for at least 60 days prior to arrival with proof of documentation. 

There shall be no smoking in or on the grounds of the Rental Property.   Any sign or residue of smoking will result in entire Security Deposit forfeiture and may at Owner’s sole option, result in immediate termination of this Rental Agreement Consumption of Alcohol: There shall be no consumption of alcoholic beverages in or on the grounds of the Rental Property by any minor under twenty-one (21) years of age.

Illegal Drugs:
There shall be no use of any illegal drugs by any Renters, occupants or visitors in or on the grounds of the Rental Property.

Any complaints to the Police Department concerning the behavior of the Renter, Renter’s family, other occupants, guests or visitors while occupying the Rental Property shall, at the Owner’s sole option, result in immediate termination of this Rental Agreement.

Renter is responsible for placing all trash in the dumpster. Trash not properly disposed of may result in deductions from Renter’s security deposit.

Parking is provided in the designated parking area and renter is to ensure all cars are in a spot that is designated for their property. Solely is not responsible for any improper placement of vehicles.

RENTER'S Personal Property:
The Renter will remove all personal property belonging to the Renter or other occupants at the end of the Rental Period. Any expenses incurred for removal or return of Renter’s property will be charged to the renter.

Equipment Rentals:
For any rental equipment purchased from a vendor other than Solely Beachfront, please note the Guest is responsible to return for any equipment used during and after the rental time frame. Solely Beachfront will not be liable to return and other rental items upon check out. This includes crib rentals, coolers, paddle boards, golf carts etc.

Lock-Out Policy:
In the event the Renter and/or other registered occupants are locked out of the premises, the Renter must contact Solely Beachfront for help with the door lock (see phone numbers above). If a locksmith is required through Renter’s actions, the Renter will be responsible for payment of the locksmith.

Damage to Rental Property and Contents:
The Renter and all registered occupants of the Rental Property shall be liable for all damages caused during their occupancy. Cost of repairs and/or replacement shall be deductible from the security deposit and additional costs shall include attorney's fees and costs, if incurred in the collection.

Renter acknowledges that the Rental Property may not be sublet. Subletting shall immediately void this Rental Agreement with no refund due to Renter.

Renter will indemnify and hold harmless the Homeowner Solely Beachfront, and their respective employees for any injuries, accident, or otherwise which may be incurred or suffered upon the premises by Renter, Renter’s family or guests or anyone associated with Renter for any cause whatsoever during the term of this Agreement. The Renter’s personal property and vehicles are not insured by the homeowner or Solely Beachfront against loss or damage due to fire, theft, vandalism, rain, water, criminal or negligent acts of others, or any other cause. Solely Beachfront follows OCHA cleaning and sanitation procedures.  By signing this agreement and checking in, guests indemnify and hold harmless Solely Beachfront and the homeowner of the property for any contracted illness for any cause whatsoever during the term of this agreement. 

Bunk Beds:
Children under the age of six are not recommended to sleep in bunkbeds. Renter will indemnify Homeowner and Solely beachfront for any specific injury due to a bunk bed and renter is responsible for the 
safety of bunk beds to ensure proper use. 

Breach of Terms of Agreement:
If Renter or any person on the premises at Renter’s invitation violates any of the terms of this Agreement, the Renter and all registered occupants may be asked to vacate the property immediately, and NO refund shall be due to Renter.

Special Events:
If a guest is planning on having an event at the property, it MUST be approved by Solely with an additional special event contract signed. A special event is any circumstance where the unit is occupied by more persons that listed on the unit's occupancy and or an outside vendor is granted access to the property. Should Solely become aware that a Special Event is being conducted without permission, renter will be evicted and all paid rents forfeited. 


COVID 19 Updated Policy
Temporary beach closures will not be a reason for cancellation with refund such as but not limited to weather, acts of God, wildlife, etc. 

Once the reservation is finalized and we are permitted to rent our properties, Solely Beachfront is not liable for guests who cannot travel or choose not to our properties due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Solely Beachfront Reserves the right to a 24 hour review of the reservation, charges and dates of stay. We reserve the right to change or cancel the reservation within that 24 Hour Period.

ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE IN WRITING and must be made outside of 60 days before check-in date for guest to receive the full and total rental charges MINUS a $199 CANCELLATION FEE. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN INSIDE 60 DAYS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL THROUGH THE END OF YOUR STAY. NO EXCEPTIONS. Reservations made within 60 days are NON REFUNDABLE. Reservations are Confirmed, when this lease & initial payment are received by Solely Beachfront. We highly recommend the purchase of travel insurance. Information provided below.

Change of Reservation: 
Any change or transfer of a confirmed reservation is subject to availability and cost associated with that change.

Refunds or Rebates:

No refunds will be made for the malfunction of appliances or other equipment. Solely Beachfront shall not be liable for events beyond Solely Beachfront’s control which may occur during the Rental Period which may interfere with Renter’s occupancy of the Rental Property, including but not limited to acts of God, acts of governmental agencies, fire, strikes, natural disasters, war, inclement weather or noise from nearby construction sites. NO REBATE OR REFUND will be offered in ANY OF these circumstances.


Solely Beachfront has partnered with RentalGuardian.com and InsureStays to help safeguard your entire booking deposit and other pre-paid non-refundable payments related to planned travel. We strongly encourage you to purchase optional travel insurance.

✓ Travel Insurance covers risks incidental to planned travel such as sickness, accidental injury,
or death of you or a family member (or of a traveling companion), weather delays, natural
disasters, unexpected changes in your employment, and many more specified reasons.

✓ In addition, for an additional charge, you can choose the optional CFAR benefit which pays
up to 60% of pre-paid non-refundable charges should cancel for any reason not covered by
standard travel insurance.

✓ The standard travel insurance coverage costs 7% of your total reservation invoice amount; if
you include the optional CFAR benefits, the coverage cost is 9.8% of your total reservation
invoice amount. The premium charged for travel insurance is generally non-refundable after
15 days of coverage purchase.

As a covered traveler, should you have a medical issue or experience trip delay or interruption due to unforeseen developments, you may initiate your claim by calling (833) 610-0736. For more information, please visit https://solelybeachfront.rentalguardian.com/or consult your coverage documents.